Super Sunday 2013

The day that we prepare for all year. Killer Scooter’s Super Sunday Ride was held on 4/28/13 this year. For those of you that don’t know what Super Sunday is… It is exactly that… SUPER. What is so Special about it? Well it is the Biggest Ruckus event held in the U.S. Bikes come from all over the U.S and Canada for this special ride to debut their new builds, See out-of-town friends made from past years and to RIDE. The thing about Super Sunday is that only one man knows the destination. Everyone plays follow the leader until we hit the destination. Past years have taken us to Ojai, Cooks Corner (Trabuco Canyon), and The Rock Store (Agoura Hills). This year was special to us for 2 reasons. 1 because it was our first year repping as IER and 2 because this year it was hosted in OUR backyard. The Scene has been mostly prominant in the LA area. San Gabriel Valley (SGV) to be more specific. With the majority of the Ruckus shops being located there, it was a no brainer that this event is held in the SGV. This year however, the host of the event (Killer Scooter) moved his shop to Rancho Cucamonga. So for the first time ever, Super Sunday started there.


This years event had the most attendees so far at over 250 riders. We met up at 8am and hung around, checked out bikes, and waited around for some of the riders that go by “SGV time”. While waiting we got to mingle with some of the friends we have made over the years.

First we ran into Matt from Sticky Belts. Sticky Belts? YES. Check them out, great for riding, Skateboarding and LIFE.
Sticky Belts

Next we also ran into another OC member (Chaps of Chaps Garage) and the man himself (Steven of Killer Scooter) exchanging a warm embrace. Over the Past year we have gotten to know these guys very well and we always have a good time when we get together.
Chaps Killer

The Destination this year turned out to be Pechanga Casino for their Buffet. It was a LONG and HOT ride, with lots of stops but we finally made it there at around 7pm. There were a couple crews in the garage where we parked that had no idea how to get back to the start point, so we made sure to show them the way. All in all it was a long frustrating day, but was a good ride and another Super Sunday under our belts.

Some people I would like to personally give shout outs to:
Jake, Perk & Lisa from Empire Mopeds – Thank you guys so much for the help with getting Mojo and his dog back to Rancho. It is extremely appreciated.

HardF from IER – Thank you for leading us home from Pechanga and making sure the out of towers made it back to Killer.

Twentysix, Thumbsforward, & RaccoonRacing from IER – Thanks for sticking with Zeekus til after midnight to make sure the support truck was able to get him.

Christian “The Vape Genius” - for picking up the DLC Brothers and getting them home.

Anyone else that deserves thanks that I didn’t mention, don’t get mad. Its Super Monday, and I am still tired as I write this.

Cant wait til next year!
Killer Scooter